Carlson Design plotter/cutters

Simplicity. Precision. Performance.

Carlson Design is the world’s leading provider of reliable and affordable large-bed plotter/cutters. Since 1987 Carlson Design has been widely imitated, yet unmatched in price, simplicity, and precision performance.  Our time-saving systems have been sold in over 40 countries and are used to optimally plot and cut a wide variety of rolled and sheet material.


  • G5.1

    Starting @ $24,995.00

    Ideal for design-cut-sew operations, prototyping, and light production runs. Light, accurate, and fast....

  • G5.2

    Starting @ $34,995.00

    The G5.2 is our most popular model. It is versatile and robust - designed to work in a 24/7 production environment....

  • G5.3

    Starting @ $49,995.00

    The G5.3 is specially engineered with a stiffer frame and larger motors to handle the loads associated with cutting wide fabr...

  • A-Series Plotter

    Starting @ $9,995.00

    The Alpha is designed to mount on any level surface -- table top or floor -- for fast, accurate plotting.  It is ideal f...


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