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Carlson Design
Carlson Design
Tulsa, OK

Simplicity. Precision. Performance.

over 50+ industries served + over 50 countries Made in Oklahoma

Plotter/Cutter Models

Choose between our various models below to meet your specific Plotting/Cutting demand.
G5.1 Series

Designed for sample cutting, pattern development, and smaller design-cut-sew operations.

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G5.2 Series

The G5.2 is for industrial applications that need more tool force.

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G5.3 Series

The G5.3 was designed to cut ultra-wide fabrics up to 174 inches.

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G5.1 Laser

The G5.1L uses a state-of-the-art solid-state laser to cut and seal.

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A-Series Plotter

The Alpha is designed to mount on any level surface — table top or floor — for fast, accurate plotting.

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why choose carlson design?

Our systems are the world's most simple, reliable, and precise Plotter/Cutters
Carlson Design
Carlson Design offers the World's most affordable large-format Plotter/Cutter solution. We offer Turn-Key or Ala Carte packages allowing you to find a solution that is ideal for your shop and your budget.
We believe simple is reliable and have proven this again and again over the last 35+ years. Carlson Design cannot be beat when it comes to up-time, easy service, and affordable and available components.
Easy Setup
Whether you have your system commissioned by our expert installers or choose to install yourself, our Plotter/Cutter systems are easy to assemble and implement in any shop, office, or production environment.
family owned in Tulsa since 1987 over 35 years in business
Carlson Design Plotter/Cutters are designed and manufactured in our Tulsa, Oklahoma facility. With over ~15,000 sqft of production facility under-roof, we are well suited to meet the demanding needs of a global Plotter/Cutter market. We also offer in-house R&D testing, allowing us to perform test cuts of any material and onsite demonstrations.
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industries we serve.

We serve a wide variety of industries - some of the common models include:
Furniture/Upholstery Recommended Model
Sailmaking Recommended Model
Shade Sails Recommended Model
Truck Tarps/PVC Recommended Model
Marine Canvas Recommended Model
“Before purchasing Carlson Design's widest plotter/cutter model available [at the time], the WT-174, Shade & Shutter expo in beautiful Myrtle Beach were losing time and productivity cutting their material to the large sizes needed for their customers.” shade & Shutter EXpo Read Success Story
Need Support on a Model?
Carlson Design is dedicated to providing quick Phone and Email support. Please review the support section for how to send a help report or message, setup a training session, or give us a call.
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