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G5.2 Series

Starting at $39,995
The G5.2 is our Production model and the modern replacement for the Pro PT/PTi series. It is ideal for industrial applications that need more tool force, faster cut speeds, or extended production time. In comparison to the G5.1, the G5.2 features a 3x stiffer frame rail, 33% more power in the X and Y axis, and a larger cutting motor.
The G5.2 is our most rugged and reliable plotting/cutting system for a production environment. It delivers the best performance with the highest uptime.

Detailed Specs:

Body Style: Anodized Aluminum, single rail, engraved aluminum electronic "back pack".
Available Widths: 60" - 132"
Drive Plate: 18"
Vertical Tool Force: Up to 15 lbs.
Machine Clearence 2"-4"
Max Efficient Operating Speed: 30 IPS
Machine Weight ~30 lbs
Tool Head Standard tool head has pen and steered cutter. Hot knife, laser, and Ultra-Sonic available.
On-board Controls Pneumatic controls, 120V outlet for accessories, dual emergency shut-off
Site Requirements Shop air @ 90 psi @ 1 CFM
Electrical Requirements 120V Circuit @ 60 HZ on a dedicated 15 amp circuit.


  • Production textile cutting
  • PVC (40oz-100oz)
  • Carbon Fiber Prepreg
  • Glass Laminate (PVB, EVA, SGP)
  • Tensile Structures
  • Awnings
  • Production Marine Canvas

More about the G.2 Series

The G5.2 is designed for supporting bed widths up to 132″ and can plot/cut up to 120″ wide goods.

The G5.2’s stretched drive plates spread loads associated with higher speeds and heavy cutting and carry optional load wheels.

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