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G5.1 Laser

Starting at $24,995
The G5.1L Solid State Laser Plotter/Cutter uses a state-of-the-art solid-state laser to cut and seal, mark, or engrave a wide variety of materials. The laser is a non-contact device and uses no consumables and requires no maintenance, tuning or adjustment. The G5.1L is a two-axis dedicated version of the G5.1 and may be optionally fitted with a marking pen. Our Solid State Laser can be added to both G5.2 and G5.3 models.
The Carlson Design G5.1 Laser is the simplest and most affordable large-bed sealed-edge cutting solution on the market.

Detailed Specs:

Body Style: Anodized Aluminum Frame
Available Widths: 48" - 84"
Drive Plate: 10"
Drive System: 330oz direct-drive stepper motors
Motor Resolution: 500 or 1000 steps/inch
Peak Operating Speed Material Dependent
Track System: Fully Captive, direct-drive, rack and pinion with anti-way design. Machine glides on friction-reducing ball bearings, composite wheels. Mounts to any table top.
Active Working Area: 6"-10" less than table width (depending on pen)
Machine Weight: ~15lbs
Tool Head: Single 10, 20, or 36 Watt SS Laser with advanced pin-point, low-throw optics. Optional Pen.
Site Requirements: 115 VAC, 3Amps, No Air (unless pen included).

Perfect for the Cutting and Sealing:

  • Acrylics,
  • Nylons,
  • paper,
  • cardboard,
  • and engraving.

More About the G5 Laser

There is currently an “arms race” in solid state laser technology, and there is a lot of junk sold. Our laser is a 2 stack design with a true 10 watt optical output and very, very fine optics, which results in a very small spot size and very high power density.  Larger stacks are already available for 20 watt and 36 watt, with 48 watt coming soon.  Luckily, the form and electrical factors are somewhat stable, and we expect an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade path as bigger lasers come available.


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