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G5.3 Series

Starting at $49,995
The G5.3 was designed to cut ultra-wide fabrics up to 174 inches. Its 4”x4″ aluminum box-beam frame is light and robust to accommodate the extra width, and the G5.3 uses larger Nema 34 motors with 4x more torque than those on the 5.1/5.2 to handle the increased loads.
The G53 is the most affordable and versatile ultra-wide cutting solution in the World. Our track system can mount to one of our production vacuum tables, your existing table, or even the floor (within reason).
Ultser PVC

Detailed Specs:

Body Style: 4"x4" extruded aluminum frame
Available Widths; 48" - 192"
Drive Plate: 27"
Drive System: 768 oz direct drive Nema 34 stepper motors
Vertical Tool Force: 15lbs
Peak Efficient Operating Speed: 20 IPS
Track System: Fully captive, direct drive rack-and-pinion. Load wheels to support additional weight from ultra-wide widths.
Active Working Area: 12" less than the machine width
Tool Head: Standard pen and steered cutting tool. Additional tool heads include the Hot Knife, Laser, and Ultra-Sonic.
On-board Features: Dual emergency stops, on-board pneumatic controls, dual power supply, 120V accessory power outlet.
Site Requirements Shop Air 90PSI @ 1 CFM
Electrical Requirements 120V AC @ 60HZ on a dedicated 20 amp circuit


  • Tensions Structures
  • Awnings
  • Window Blinds
  • Inflatables
  • Truck Tarps
  • Heavy Cutting Loads

More About the G5.3 Series

The X Drive plates feature extra load wheels, synchronized motors, and stretched length to prevent racking.  The stiffer Y rail allows the G5.3 to utilize a larger Y and Z motor and custom cutting tools.

"Before purchasing Carlson Design's widest plotter/cutter model available, the WT-174", Shade & Shutter expo in beautiful Myrtle Beach were losing time and productivity cutting their material to the large sizes needed for their customers." Shade & Shutter Expo Read Customer Story
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