Turbo Table

You asked, we listened – we have totally redesigned the cutting table from the ground up. The Turbo Table flows more  vacuum air than any table we’ve ever sold. The gold standard is the whistle you’ll hear as the air flows.

Ultra-high flow and high vacuum cutting tops mean a stronger hold for your fabrics using less fewer and smaller blowers and electrical power, and less noise. Fabric shift is minimized and cutting precision is greatly enhanced.

The Turbo Table tops are design and precision CNC-fabricated from engineered woods.  No ordinary MDF, our furniture-grade materials are light, strong, machineable, water resistant and extremely durable. And, totally green, using renewable materials. A custom designed air pattern is CNC machined in, subdivided for enhanced flow, and tops are easily replaceable.

The Turbo Table includes an engineered precision lightweight aluminum frame system that may be quickly expanded.  Various attachments are engineered to support ancillary equipment and controls, and a design service is available for  additional fittings. Foot options include an adjusting swivel foot or wheel where shop surfaces are flat and level.

Designs exist for 6’, 7’, 8’, 9’ and 10’ foot wide tables.  Lengths are unlimited in 4 foot increments and special dimensions are available on request.

Table tube sets are computer cut extremely precisely – allowing for a nearly “touchless” machine track floating support.  Fewer fasteners means straighter tracks, less “ribboning” and more precise cuts.