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T-Bar Digitizer

Starting at $4000.00
The T-bar Digitizer, digitizes patterns as quickly and accurately as you can move the targeting head around an existing pattern. The T-bar Digitizer slides into your existing Plotter/Cutter track to create a 2D digitizing bed the size of your table. The T-Bar can be mounted to most flat surfaces, including an existing table or even the wall.
The T-Bar Digitizer is the simplest and fastest manual 2D Digitizing tool on the market.
T-Bar Digitizer T-Bar Digitizer T-Bar Digitizer T-Bar Digitizer

Detailed Specs:

Body Style: Anodized Aluminum, Acrylic Enclosure
Available Widths: 72"-96"
Action Buttons: Two: Plot (Blue) and Cut (Red)
Accuracy: +/- 1/32"
Mounting Location: Track available in 6' increments - can be mounted on most relatively flat surfaces, including our Plotter/Cutter tables, wall, or even the floor..
T-Bar Digitizer

More About T-Bar Digitizer

The T-bar Digitizer includes Windows software for desktop or laptop allowing full-scale patterns to be quickly captured without rescaling or distortion, and edited. Pattern pieces are saved and exported as plot/cut files for your Carlson Design Plotter/Cutter. The digitizer connects to a USB port, and is extremely light and portable. Requires a current Supertack installation.

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