Appleton Awning

Appleton, Wisconsin

"Appleton Awning, established in 1922, just upped their production output drastically by purchasing one of Carlson's strongest machines... the PTi-120."

Installation Details

Model Pro PTi
Attachments Hot Knife, 28mm Rolling Blade, Carbide Drag Blade
Plotter Width 120"
Table 24'
Blowers 4 x 5hp Radial
Applications Awnings, Boat Covers, Custom Canvas Shades
Materials Cut Canvas, Foam-Backed Vinyl, Marine Vinyl, Sunbrella
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About Appleton Awning

Appleton Awning, like many others, specialize in creating custom awnings and boat covers but what sets them apart is their adoption of some of the latest technology in digitizing their projects and now cutting them on an automated cutting machine. Being in business for 90+ years, Appleton understands the benefits of automating the tasks that take up a majority of the time when fabricating their products. With a team of dedicated and talented fabricators, Appleton has not only sped up their cutting process, but has freed up those valuable team members to focus on more meaningful tasks.

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What was unique about this install?

The plotter/cutter operator at Appleton Awning, Steve, is no stranger to digitizing the patterns for both the boat and awning jobs that come through. Using the Leica 3D Disto Laser Digitizer system, Steve is able to digitize, panel and flatten out patterns that are then ready to be cut. Utilizing both the 3D digitizer and a Carlson Design Plotter/Cutter, this process is incredibly quicker than fitting the material by hand.

Appleton also uses a lot of Sunbrella material. Sunbrella has a tendency to fray at the cut edges. Most of the time this is solved by heat-sealing the edge after the material has been cut. With Carlson’s Hot Knife attachment, it’s possible to cut AND seal the edge all in one pass. A sacrificial layer of heavy paper is placed under the material as to not burn the plastic cutting surface underneath.

Real Results

Appleton Awning cuts many different types of materials. The PTi-120 was able to cut all of their materials, and in much less time than before automating. Using Carlson Design’s proprietary 2D design software, creating patterns from scratch or importing .DXF format files is a breeze. This paired with the simplicity of the machine makes a Carlson Plotter/Cutter easy to adopt and put to work day one.

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