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"New and rapidly growing, Atlas 46 in Fenton, Missouri finds the benefits of integrating an automated cutting solution into their business. Starting with their smaller orders of denim jeans, Atlas plans to quickly adopt the machine as a solution to cut the wide array of materials needed for their military grade construction gear and apparel."

About Atlas 46

Atlas 46 is the brainchild of John Carver and his son, Brian Carver. After serving the military and law enforcement industry with high-quality products for over 30 years, John sold his company and sat in an empty building to create something new…Atlas 46 was born. Using their decades of experience in the tactical product industry, Atlas 46 provides construction vests, belts, bags, and apparel for tough jobs that require rugged and lasting dependability. Did we also mention their products are made in the U.S.A and come with a lifetime guarantee?

Atlas 46 is transitioning, taking on large orders but still fulfilling the smaller orders they often see with their newer products. This is where Brian Carver saw a real benefit to having a machine that could cut 2-3x faster than traditional hand-cutting.

Installation Details:
Model: Pro PTi
Attachments: Drag Blade
Plotter Width: 72"
Table: 12'
Blowers: (2x) Turbo Vacuum Blowers
Applications: Apparel, Construction Gear
Materials Cut: Cordura Nylon, Denim
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What was unique about this install?

Integrating automated cutting incrementally, rather than spend ~$100,000 on an expensive machine that is sold in fixed sizes and requires a specialist to service, Atlas 46 decided to purchase our Pro PTi Plotter/Cutter and a 6′ x 12′ table that can expand to their needs and won’t consume their entire profit margin. Atlas is slowly moving into the apparel business by providing shorts and jeans made of various materials, including black and tan denim and Cordura. Denim is particularly troublesome to cut due to its soft exterior and somewhat open weave. The material shift is always a concern. To combat this, Atlas has purchased two Carlson Design Turbo Vacuum Blowers and uses a thin sheet of 1 MIL plastic over the material as they cut. The plastic sucks down tightly to the denim material keeping it secure while the machine cuts its patterns. How do you mark the material? Using Carlson Design’s proprietary software, PEdit, splitting a pattern file into a cut and plot file separately is as simple as checking a box and clicking ‘Save.’

Cutting 1000D Cordura may seem difficult, but it couldn’t be easier with the Carlson Design Drag Blade cutting head. The Cordura fabric is sealed on the underside with a urethane coating that effectively ‘closes’ the material and allows it to be vacuumed securely to the table.


Real Results

In the first picture below, the pattern maker compares the cuts to her patterns printed to scale on a large sheet of paper. The pieces cut with the Carlson Design PTi lined up perfectly. After patterns have been imported, edited, and optimized in Carlson Design’s proprietary software, running a cut for a pair of jeans will take the operator a fraction of the time it used to take to cut a pair of jeans by hand.

Install & The solution

Atlas 46 had a great space for their business. Having recently expanded into another building just for their sewing production, they have plenty of space for the machine and material spreader cart, as seen in some of the above images. They have enough room to extend the table another 12′ as production demand grows.