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The Carlson Design Sand Plotter incorporates principles of robotics and machine control, analytical geometry and trigonometric functions, and fine art. The plotter is driven by ordinary cartesian coordinates that can be supplied by a variety of ordinary devices such as mice, tablets and scanners and by common programs from 2-d CAD to Excel. A “canned” plotting program is included with the system (Windows based), that randomly picks and plots from a wide variety of patterns so that the display is continually changing over the course of many hours. Custom programming for interactive exhibits is available, as are different surface treatments and configurations from “black box” (hidden mechanics) to fully enclosed and protected but visible mechanics for the inquisitive.

The sand pit and ball-bearing ball may be covered by tempered glass or Lexan, or uncovered so children can experiment with ball size and sand, or mix colored sands. In either event, the moving and electrical parts are fully enclosed and beyond reach. The beautiful displays benefit greatly from oblique lighting – shadows – where possible.

The internal components, electronics, and programming are sourced from an existing line of industrial products built by one of the partners for 20 years – with a record of simplicity and high relibility.

The Sandplotter was developed, refined, and proved very popular at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City, and unveiled at ASTC in Louisville, KY in October, 2006.  It is now featured in museums and universities around the country.

Call for a quote on a 4’x4′ tuff-skinned boxed version with PC and software. Delivery 6 weeks ARO, FOB Tulsa,OK.

Steve Tipton c.918-850-0252

Gregg Carlson c.918-812-0157

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