Wide WT

The Carlson Design Wide WT won the IFAI 2012 Show Stopper for New Equipment.  The WT was designed to cut ultra-wide fabrics up to 174 inches.  Its 4”x4″ aluminum box-beam frame is light and strong to accommodate the extra width, and the WT uses larger Nema 34 motors with 4x more torque than those on the PT to handle the increased loads.  To keep the chassis light and easy to service, the WT has a powerful off-board power supply and a slide-out cassette, allowing servicing of internal components with the chassis in place.  The X Drive plates feature extra load wheels, synchronized motors, and stretched length to prevent racking.  The stiffer Y rail allows the WT to utilize a larger Y and Z motor along with custom cutting tools.

Common Applications Include:

tensions structures, awnings, window blinds, inflatables, truck tarps, and more.

Success Stories:

  • Shade & Shutter Expo - Before purchasing Carlson Design's widest plotter/cutter model available, the WT-174", Shade & Shutter expo in beautiful Myrtle Beach were losing time and productivity cutting their material to the large sizes needed for their customers.
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