G5.2 Series Plotter/Cutter

The Carlson Design G5.2 is our most rugged, reliable, and precise plotting/cutting system — delivering the best performance with the highest uptime. 

The G Series is available in 3 models—the 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.  The G5.2 is for industrial applications that need more tool force.  In comparison to the G5.1, the G5.2 features a taller and 3 times stiffer frame rail, 33% more power in the X and Y axis, and larger cutting motor.

All G Series models feature a single reinforced rail frame, with the G5.2 designed for supporting bed widths up to 120″.  They use stretched drive plates to spread loads associated with higher speeds and heavy cutting and carry optional load wheels.

Common Applications Include:

carbon fiber prepreg, glass laminate, tensile structures, awnings, and other hard to cut or wide materials.

Success Stories:

  • Appleton Awning - Appleton Awning, established in 1922, just upped their production output drastically by purchasing one of Carlson's strongest machines... the PTi-120.
  • Atlas 46 - New and rapidly growing, Atlas 46 in Fenton, Missouri finds the benefits of integrating an automated cutting solution into their business. Starting with their smaller orders of denim jeans, Atlas plans to quickly adopt the machine as a solution to cut the wide array of materials needed for their military grade construction gear and apparel.
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