Classic CTx Plotter/Cutter

The Carlson Design Classic CTx Plotter/Cutter has set the standard for large bed plotter/cutters for over 25 years.  Today, no one beats the CTx for value, reliability, and flexibility.

The CTx features a dual-beam ladder construction to provide a light, strong and straight chassis. Combined with direct-drive X, Y, and Z axes, the CTx has fewer moving parts to break or wear. The head’s guide is incorporated into the custom extruded front rail and rides on adjustable composite wheels.  The Classic is a great tool to automate your shop and will help you grow your production over the next 15 or even 20 years.

Common Applications Include:  

Sailmaking, vinyl cutting, sports equipment, balloons, bags, marine canvas, upholstery, awnings, and more.

Customer Stories:

Litania Sports Group cutting vinyl wrestling mats.

Taco Metals cutting marine upholstery

LTA Projects marking and cutting Inflatable airships

Prodesign cutting custom canvas for marine, automotive, and commercial 

Peter Green Sails, plotting/cutting Sails

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  • Body Style:  Anodized Aluminum, dual-rail frame with laser-cut brushed stainless steel body panels.
  • Available Widths:  48” – 84” (1219mm -- 2134mm)
  • Drive Plate:  12”
  • Drive System:  330 oz direct-drive hybrid stepper motors
  • Motor Resolution:  500 steps/inch
  • Vertical Tool Force:  up to 15lbs
  • Peak Efficient Operating Speed: 30IPS
  • Track System:  Fully captive, direct-drive rack and pinion with anti-yaw design, gliding on low friction ball-bearing composite wheels.  Mount to any table.
  • Active Working Area:  15” less than machine width
  • Machine Clearance:  2”
  • Machine Weight:  ~25 lbs
  • Tool Head:  Standard two-tool head with steered rolling or drag blade cutter and marking tool.  Additional tools available.
  • On Board Features:  CE-style safety controls include hard stops, soft stops, pneumatic controls and accessory 120 VAC outlet
  • Site Requirements:  shop air 90psi at 1.0 CFM
  • Electrical:  120VAC on a dedicated 15 amp, 60 Hz circuit
  • Base price listed.  For custom pricing, offers on new systems, and specific delivery dates please contact Carlson Design.
  • Base systems include Plotter/Cutter, Plotmaster software suite, cabling, and track.
  • CTx is available in custom widths 48”-84” ($1000/ft)
  • Terms: 50% deposit with order, balance due with delivery.  Delivery: 6-8 weeks after order.  FOB our dock Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Prices are subject to change.  Call for a custom quote.
  • 15% restocking on returned systems.

We offer a range of interchangeable cutting tools for maximum flexibility. Since our systems are so easy to set up and use, you can order just the plotter/cutter for your own table or a turnkey installation. We offer complete vacuum tables, or plans, blowers, and tops for building your own.

The system glides on our all-new ball-slide fully captive custom track system, enhancing precision and cutting power.  Standard is a compact tool head carrying quick-change magnetic-mount tangential blade holders with lots of optional blade types and a precise air-operated pen. The tools spring retract at rest, so they won't interfere when picking parts or spreading fabrics.  Blade holders can be changed without tooling.

Like all Carlson plotter/cutters, the self-contained plotter/cutter has no microprocessors on board - our intuitive Plotmaster software plus your PC is your controller, with diagnosis and service available online.

We believe in open software, offering our own Windows software for pattern design, digitizing, and nesting, or compatibility to the design programs you already use.

We can ship your system fully assembled (except for your tracks) by express shippers such as Fed Ex or UPS.

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