A-Series Plotter

The Alpha is designed to mount on any level surface — table top or floor — for fast, accurate plotting.  It is ideal for sail plotting, pattern marking, rapid prototyping, and marking patterns directly on material you plan to hand cut (like plywood or sheet metal).  The Alpha is held captive from one end in our ball slide track system and directly driven by a single stepper.  The light weight construction and rigid design allow for long, smooth, accurate plots as long as your track.  The Alpha is driven by the plotmaster software suite and includes access to nesting, editing, DXF and HPGL import, and basic pattern generation.  This also includes Carlson’s Sketchup plugin for easy and free CAD design and hooks to add autonesting to maximize material yield. 

The Alpha is very simple with only two stepper motors and a single on-board control box.  The Alpha can ship assembled via UPS or FEDEx or in components for final assembly by the end user.