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our plotter / cutter models

G5.1 Series

Designed for sample cutting, pattern development, and smaller design-cut-sew operations.

G5.2 Series

The G5.2 is for industrial applications that need more tool force.

G5.3 Series

The G5.3 was designed to cut ultra-wide fabrics up to 174 inches.

G5.1 Laser

The G5.1L uses a state-of-the-art solid-state laser to cut and seal.

T-Bar Digitizer
T-Bar Digitizer

The new T-bar Digitizer, digitizes patterns as quickly and accurately as you can move the head around an existing pattern.

Nestfab and Nestfab Ultra-Performance

NestFab and NestFab Ultra-Performance provide a world-class automatic nesting engine with an intuitive easy to use interface.

PlotMaster Software Suite License

Plotmaster is regularly improved an updated to accommodate the latest hardware and software changes in cutting technology.

Keyboard Digitizing

PMXPv now offers accelerated or continuous motion from the keyboard, making digitizing with your plotter/cutter now possible (standard).


Carlson Design CD2D Tracer Photo Digitizer allows you to take a digital photograph of a pattern and quickly.

Phillocraft Vacuum Tables
Phillocraft Vacuum Tables

We offer high-quality Phillocraft Grip-Tex and National vacuum tables for your plotter/cutter, standards in the sewn goods industries.

Build-Your-Own Table
If you would like to build your own table we can provide plans and components.

Carlson Design Track will mount to most table tops. Many of our customers choose to modify existing tables or build their own vacuum tables to accommodate their unique space.

A-Series Plotter

The Alpha is designed to mount on any level surface — table top or floor — for fast, accurate plotting.

Turbo Table
Turbo Table

You asked, we listened – we have totally redesigned the cutting table from the ground up.

G5.1 Series

The G5.1 Studio Plotter/Cutter is as serious a manufacturing tool as it is a great value. Designed for sail making, sample cutting, pattern development, model making, package design, and smaller design-cut-sew operations, the G5.1 is our most compact and affordable system.
The G5.1 Series Plotter/Cutter is our most compact and affordable system.

Detailed Specs:

Body Style: Anodized Aluminum, single rail frame with laser-cut acrylic “backpack” electronics panel.
Available Widths: 48” – 84”
Drive Plate: 10"
Drive System: 180oz direct drive stepper motors
Vertical Tool Force: up too 7lbs
Peak Efficient Operating Speed: 15IPS
Track System: Fully captive, direct-drive rack and pinion with anti-yaw design. Machine glides on 12 friction-reducing ball bearing, composite wheels. Mount to any table top.
Active Working Area: 10” less than machine width
Machine Clearance: 2”
Machine Weight: ~15 lbs
Tool Head: Standard two tool head with steered rolling or drag blade cutter and marking tool holder.
Off Board Features: Pneumatic controls & "clip-on" components with pluggable drives and motors for easy service.
Site Requirements: Shop air 90psi at 1.0 CFM
Electrical: 120VAC on a dedicated 15 amp, 60 Hz circuit

perfect for the following:

  • Sailmaking
  • Apparel
  • Prototype Packaging
  • Architectural Modeling

More about the G5.1

The G5.1 is a lightweight (only 16lbs), single-tube machine using our custom extrusion, combining exceptionally strong mechanical structure and guides for the head.

The G5.1 power and electrical components snap along the back of the machine.  This makes the components easy to service, replaceable, and quick to customize.

“I wanted to find a comparable alternative for the majority of demand that could be easily relocated to support changing curricular needs. Aside from the benefit of new types of cutting processes such as creasing, this machine is also a cost effective solution since it does not require a dedicated exhaust system.” Parsons - Mark Betchel
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