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In May 2011 Peter Green of Peter Green sails sent us some pics from a project cut out on his CTx-72 plotter/cutter running on our new USB controller.

Peter says, “something made with [pmu], material I have not cut before / woven monofilament shade cloth which cut nicely /  cover is for a turtle trap, floats, these Mexican turtles illegally brought in as pets, become larger and aggressive are then dumped in local water ways, then dominating any other wild life, seems these guys like sun baking, go up ramp then over the edge and are caught in the net, can’t get over the rounded pipe edge. Purpose of the cover is to allow the trap to blend into the environment with moss and weed etc before being deployed.  DPI want a bunch of these covers so me being on the end of this chain is good and helps get rid of these pests.”

You can learn more about Peter Green sails from our Success Stories page or learn see he built his own vacuum table.  To contact Peter directly visit his website,

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