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We head to Thailand and Dubai for onsite commissioning.  We have systems world wide and pride ourselves in our ability to support installations in over 40 countries.  When needed, we are available to perform installs, service, and training around the globe.

To start the trip, we fly to Thailand to meet Payo Suparporn to help install his new PT-108 plotter/cutter to plot and cut tension structures for GMAT.

breakfast with Pay Suparporn – GMAT

Payo is using his Carlson Design plotter/cutter with AutoCAD to produce high quality tension structures all over Thailand.  Payo’s PVC rolls are very wide (98″) and very heavy, so no vacuum table was necessary and we installed his track directly on his self-leveling concrete floor.  Read more about Payo’s success story here.

We arrive at GMAT and begin installation
Setting Over head Cable Control Wire
First Side of track set. Using plotter to set other side in parrallel.
PT-108 instaleld on 32′ floor mounted track
First Panel Cut!
Payo of GMAT with PT-108 plotter/cutter

During my visit, Bangkok was undergoing a civil dispute and unfortunately several of the city’s downtown buildings were set on fire during my stay and a curfew was put into affect (we finally got some sleep :D).

Mall on fire as seen from other mall (had to evacuate shortly after taking picture).

Fortunately, Payo took us to Phucket to visit one of his installations.  There we stopped by our system at Rolly Tasker Sails.

Tom Carlson and Rolly Tasker by PT-72 plotter/cutter & 19mtr long vac table – May 2010

Rolly Tasker, in addition to having the world’s largest privately owned sailloft, has sailed around the world 7 times – that’s far enough to go to the moon and back.  You might check out his book.  During our visit we tuned Rolly’s machine and shot a quick video of the plotter/cutter cutting a Dacron main sail in under 8 minutes (featured above).

A “Send Off”  lunch with GMAT team!
Bangkok Airport Sail Structure Roof – GMAT does all repair. Repair Panels cut with Carlson plotter/cutter.

After a successful installation in Thailand – we head to Dubai to setup a PT-60 to cut silicone coated fiberglass for pipe insulation.  John Phipps of Advanced Insulation is using our cutter to offer faster turnaround and precision spec’s for his products.  Dubai is hot –105 degrees!  John has built two tables — a static 12′ table for their office and a smaller table with removable supports to be loaded in a shipping container and delivered directly to a job site.  Very cool idea.  We spend most our time focusing on training, operation, and service.

AIS Final Product
PT-60 Plotter/Cutter installed
AIS PT-60 on 12′ steel table with their own custom computer cart.
John Phipps and Sumatran with their new PT-60
AIS Custom table with removable “wing” supports so the table can be placed in a shipping container.
Removable Track Support

Everything is big in Dubai.  We meet up with an old Fraternity brother, Connor McCaffery, founder of Greenwave Capital.  We take the checklist tour:  world’s tallest building (check), world’s largest fountain (check), world’s largest shopping mall (check), world’s largest aquarium (check), world’s first Armani lounge (check) – and that’s all one stop!  Dubai is certainly interesting.

burj khalifa may 2010

After a successful installation at AIS, it’s back home.  Thank you Payo, John, and Connor for helping us setup great installations and for a fantastic trip!

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