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One year later Carlson Design heads back to Dubai!

Cranes coming to life in the Marina district...

Our friends at Advanced Insulation (AIS) have been busier than ever and invited us back to Dubai to move their plotter/cutter installation into a Mobile Production Unit that can be transported directly to the job site.

To start, they took an 8’x40′ long shipping container, insulated it, installed 2 high efficiency aircons, added lights, electrical, tinted windows, and personnel access doors on either end.

Mobile Production Unit

We then install a 5′ wide x 32′ long phillocraft vacuum table with a 5HP radial blower and 4″ PVC vacuum plumbing inside the container.  Once setup, we square and level the table before securing it to the floor of the container to prevent shifting during transportation.

5HP Radial Blower
4" PVC Plumbing

Day one we get the table, track, and overhead cabling setup.  Locally we buy a 2gallon, 90psi, 1 CFM aircompressor for their pneumatics.  Day two we will add the cutting surface and start cutting!

A small air compressor is all you need.
End of first day. Now dark outside. Track and overhead cabling installed.

Day two we add 1/16″ polyethylene cutting surface to table top and begin training.  Their computer is setup on a rolling cart by the entrance so it can easily be removed during transportation.  Our latest version of Plotmaster, PMU, uses a USB controller and can be installed on any Windows PC.  This mean if your PC dies (which theirs did on the second day) you can simply get any new affordable PC and start running again in no-time at all!

Runs on any Windows PC
PT-60" glamour shot 1
PT-60 Glam shot 2
PT-60 Glam shot 3

Once the PT-60 plotter/cutter was setup on the vacuum table, we imported nested files from their Lectra software.  We can import files from almost any CAD program.   Their material is very expensive, so nesting patterns allows them to maximize material yield.  Cutting a full table with the plotter/cutter takes less than 10 minutes.  It takes over an hour to cut by hand.

Nested parts maximize material savings. Tables cut in a fraction of the time required to hand cut, with better accuracy and repeatability.
OK! Thumbs UP! Andrew Court of AIS was a big help in a successful installation.
AIS team gives a big thumbs-up at the end of the a successful install!

Much thanks to everyone at AIS for a great install, especially Andrew, Tony, John, and Sumatran!  We look forward to seeing pictures of the Mobile Production Unit transported out to the field.