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Loon was designed and built by Bob Walters in Pensacola Florida, as a heavier and more open-water version of a picnic launch along the lines of Phil Bolger’s Sneakeasy.  Loon is larger than Sneakeasy at 31′, carries 70 hp, and includes a more sophisticated bottom in the form of shallow V of 7 degrees.  Loon was designed for rather long day trips  along the northern Gulf coast of 50 miles or so, and runs in the upper 30’s at WOT.  Loon includes a teak sole sized for an occasional overnight camp out, but her primary purpose is runs to the beach or between hot showers at beachfront hotels along the redneck riviera.

Loon is framed in solid mahogany and paneled with 3/8″OK ocume, sealed in west epoxy and glass.  The deck is laid of a single sawn mahogany plank, flicked to match grains.  Blackened epoxy joins the planks, sealed under traditional varnish.

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