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CD Introduces new Spare Parts kit.

Carlson Design Spare Parts Kit

Carlson Design plotter/cutters are arguably the most reliable plotter/cutter on the market.  We had a third party study our spare parts sales in 2005 and found that over almost 20 years that CD plotter/cutters average only $47/ year in service and maintenance costs.  Hard to believe, but we have proven this out again and again in even the most demanding production environments.

To start 2010, we  examined our last 10 years worth of spare parts sales and put together a comprehensive spare parts kits (SPK) to virtually eliminate down time.  The SPK includes all of the tools and parts to allow you to diagnose and service almost any problem in-house.  This is ideal for a production setting where down time can be costly, and for our international customers where shipping and import duties can make a simple repair a time-consuming or expensive ordeal.

We make custom kits for old and new models.

Order your SPK for 2006 models or newer, today in the CD online Store.  If you have an older model, please email

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