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Practice making perfect, Hans Friedel notes on his new kayak (October ’99):
“…Here are some pics of my newest kayak. The kayak is made of wall panels and polyester. This time I stapled the patterns to the panels, smarter than gluing. As always the panels fit together like magic.
We have a nice autumn her now, the trees are turning yellow and the air is clear, next weekend I will go on a day trip with some friends.”

This is what Hans reported on his new kayak in July ’99:
“…my latest kayak it is a fast touring kayak, drawn with Hull designer. I plotted the panels at work in full scale and then I glued them on the plywood. That was not very smart because it took me some time to remove the paper from the sheets.
The plywood sheets fitted together like magic. The building time was less than two weeks.”

Han’s first kayak using Hull Designer and Autocad. Han’s friends are also building another kayak and a tender.

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