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We head to San Francisco to install our smallest cutter, the STx-48 at Medtronic at their facilities in Santa Rosa.  We call this our Napoleon cutter — it’s little but it conquers big jobs.  Working with Rod Gundy, we setup the studio to cut prototype packaging.  Using our Carbide Drag blade holder, the Studio cuts paperboard and E-Flute corrugated cardboard.  Medtronic can now quickly produce 3 or 4 prototypes in a single day, where it previously took 3-4 weeks.

Rod Gundy with Medtronic STx-48 Prototype Packaging Cutter

While in San Fran, we visit our long time customer Kame Richards at Pineapple Sails.  Kame’s plotter/cutter looks like the day it came out of the box almost 15 years ago.  While we were visiting, Kame took us sailing for Wednesday night racing — very exciting – Kame won!

Kame Richards after winning Wednesday night race July 2010
Pineapple Sails
Great Looking Pineapple Sails!

After San Fran, we head to LA to visit Vatche Azirian at Alpha Productions to discuss where they are going to install a PT-108” for to cut retractable awnings and other custom products.  After advising layout, Vatche will be is installing his own system December 2010.  Looking forward to a great looking system to show just minutes from LAX!

From LA it’s back to Tulsa – great trip!  Thank you Rod, David Lopez, Kame and his wonderful wife, and Vatche for a very productive and fun trip to the west coast.

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