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3Form – Rolling Forward with Carlson

January 16, 2014 at 9:29 pm  |   News, Systems, Travel, What you can do with your plotter/cutter

3Form uses A LOT of different interlayer laminates. They were looking for a CNC cutting system they could roll in front of their existing roll racks. The cutter needed to be light enough to roll, robust enough to run two shifts, simple enough for anyone to operate, with custom modifications to work in their existing environment. Oh, and at an affordable price! What does all of this spell? CARLSON. After the first month they reported: “The cutter is working awesome. Everyone, from the guys cutting the material, to the guys using the material loves it.”


Academy Awning

September 17, 2013 at 7:22 pm  |   Systems, Travel, Vacuum Table, What you can do with your plotter/cutter

Carlson Design recently installed our PTi-126″ Plotter/Cutter at Academy Awning, a Los Angeles based company with over 100 years experience making awnings and canopies. They are using their Carlson to “marry” their sales and manufacturing processes to create a world-class product.


Oldcastle BE Atlanta – 60 day ROI

July 12, 2013 at 8:01 pm  |   News, Systems, Travel, What you can do with your plotter/cutter

After six months of productive, waste reducing, and problem free cutting in LA — we were contacted by Paul Johnson, the CFM of Oldcastle BE’s Atlanta, GA glass plant. As their finance manager, Paul saw a clear opportunity in the numbers. They were spending, on average, $150,000 a month for laminate with a 60% yield. The new nesting package their ERP software provider, PMC Software, was offering, called “Lamimate”, was promising 88-95% yields for their glass laminate. If they could achieve even a conservative 20% decrease in material usage it could save $30,000/month. That’s 2-3 month ROI!!


Laurel Awning: System’s for Success

June 27, 2013 at 12:51 am  |   Systems, Travel, What you can do with your plotter/cutter

Laurel Awning, located in Apollo, PA — a suburb just outside of Pittsburgh — has made over 25 miles of cuts after only three months with their Carlson Design PT-96″ plotter/cutter. That’s a lot! President Greg Schmieler reports, “We’re down to 1.25hr to 1.5hr to process, draw, and cut a canopy job. That used to take us on average 6-8 hours”. The speed at which they adopted this new technology is not only a testament to the simplicity of our hardware and software, but the value of establishing a good system. It’s also just the beginning…