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Summer 2010 Thomas Carlson meets with the Sabrina and Alessandro from SMAR Azure sailmaking software in NYC to discuss SMAR Azure’s compatibility with Carlson Design Plotter/Cutters.  We tested and SMAR Azure files import into Plotmaster great.  We spend the rest of the day training and learning about SMAR AZure.  SMAR Azure offers a variety of comprehensive sail design packages from just sail design to complete analysis and rigging design.

The SM and AR of SMAR Azure!

Sabrina and Alessandro are great fun and we have all have lunch at the Second Ave Deli in NYC.  Alessandro get’s the Bologna sandwich and we cannot stop laughing at it’s size (enormous portions).  As sailmakers around the world adopt SMAR Azure’s technology, we look forward to plotting/cutting it’s designs.  For more information about the SMAR Azure sailmaking software please contact Thomas or Sabrina.

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