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DraftSight is a free full-featured 2D CAD program that will allow you to make patterns that can be imported into Plotmaster.

We have selected a few tutorial videos that are particularly relevant to creating patterns for your Carlson Plotter/Cutter.  You can find the complete series of videos at the DraftSight YouTube page.

  1. Beginner tutorials
    1. General program overview
    2. Coordinate system overview
    3. Command prompt tutorial
  2. Drawing shapes
    1. Lines
    2. Rectangles
    3. Circles
    4. Arcs
    5. Polygons
  3. Modifying a drawing
    1. Trimming lines and shapes
    2. Offset lines
    3. Chamfer (bevel) corners
      To round a corner, use the fillet tool.  It works almost identically to the chamfer tool.
  4. Saving and importing to Plotmaster
    1. Plotmaster XPV (PMXPV)
    2. Plotmaster USB (PMU)




General program overview

Coordinate system overview

Command prompt tutorial






Trimming lines and shapes

Offset lines

Chamfer corners

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