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Carlson Design opens 2011 with a trip to Pensacola, FL to visit Breathing Systems for a training and service.

Breathing Systems purchased and installed their PT-72 plotter/cutter and 20′ long production vacuum table in early 2010.  Their staff is very capable, and they decided to setup their system themselves.  They did a great job!

Simple cable management, side mount.
PVC plumbing

They have a 5HP regenerative blower, to provide a lot of suck.  With this much vacuum, it is necessary to use PVC plumbing to prevent the pipe from collapsing during operation.  This is 4″ PVC.

Insulated 5HP regenerative blower reduces noise.

They insulated their vacuum blower with a simple plywood box and foam.  This significantly reduces sound, making holding a conversation during plot/cuts easy.  Note the pressure gauge to help them find and eliminate leaks in their system.

Airline water separator

They installed a water separator for their airline.  A good idea in very humid climates like Pensacola FL.

Our visit served as a one year checkup.  Aarron and Duy, the system operator and CAD designer for Breathing’s plotter/cutter were well versed in operating the equipment, having installed it and spent the last year plotting and cutting parts.  This made training for best practices, optimum speed settings, patterning techniques, pattern optimization, machine maintenance, and how to service problems very productive.  We tuned their system and spend the majority of the visit cutting real jobs.

Breathing Systems is using our equipment to prototype medical equipment.  This means they need accurate parts, cut out of expensive material.  We think this is a great application for our plotter/cutter and enjoyed spending the week working with their team.  Thanks for a great visit!

Aaron gives a thumbs up after two days of training!
Owner and Founder, Mike Flood

Please contact us about visiting your shop for training and service.  We would be excited to tune your system, help you maximize performance, and train your team on the latest best practices.

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