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The Bolger Pirogue is obnoxiously tender except on dry land! Even under this squatty gaff, we have a death-grip on the gunwhale trying to keep from sliding downhill. 1997 on Keystone Lake on the Arkansas River near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So, the TriRogue! I designed a couple of 5′ pontoons with 80 lbs bouyancy matching part of the sheer line of the main hull. Plotted on 1/4 plywood, cut, and assembled in a couple hours. The beams are 2 by 2′s with three 1/4″ laminations added, staggered in length, all bolted down. (All fits inside the cockpit). We also built a new 35 sq.ft. bat-wing throw-away sail which set nicely. Much better. Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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