Radial Vacuum Blower

The Radial Vacuum Blower is a High volume, medium pressure blower that can handle up to 12 feet of tabling with only 1/3 hp and 110 or 240 VAC. The Radial Vacuum Blower is our most popular blower and is offered in 1/3hp, 1hp, 1.5hp single phase 110VAC blowers and 3hp and 5hp 3 phase 110 or 220VAC blowers.

Less vacuum is needed if the material is nonporous and the table has a good seal.  A 24' table used in the sailmaking, canvas, or awning industry requires 1, 3hp vacuum blower or multiple 1.5hp vacuum blowers.  Call Carlson Design for the best blower option for your application.

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Vacuum Blower Tips:

  • You cannot have too much vacuum.
  • Insulate Vacuum blowers to reduce noise.
  • Seal all joints with glue or plastic wrap to improve vacuum.
  • Close off unused table sections during cutting to improve vacuum (with blast gates or scrap material).
  • A good seal requires very little vacuum.
  • Try vacuum bagging with thin plastic sheet.