T-Bar Digitizer

The new T-bar Digitizer, digitizes patterns as quickly and accurately as you can move the head around an existing pattern. The T-bar Digitizer slides into your existing Plotter/Cutter track to create a digitizing bed as big as your plot table. Digitizing is easy as pointing the targeting laser at key points around your pattern and hitting the record button – offsets are immediately stored on the PC.

The T-bar Digitizer includes Windows software for desktop or laptop allowing full-scale patterns to be quickly captured without rescaling or distortion, and edited. Pattern pieces are saved and exported as plot/cut files for your Carlson Design Plotter/Cutter. The digitizer connects to a USB port, and is extremely light and portable. Requires a current Supertack installation.

Build a Plotter

Available in 60"-84" widths.  Rides in existing plotter/cutter track.

The T-bar Digitizer may also be wall-mounted, or mounted in
a remote location to allow a designer to quickly trace and share his patterns
with an offsite manufacturer. The Digitizer can be used to catalog an existing
pattern library, or quickly trace new patterns as they are developed with
traditional processes. Advantages include quick and accurate cutting,
electronic copy protection of valuable patterns, and time savings for
replacement canvas.

T-Bar Digitizer$3495

  • T-bar Digitizer Hardware
  • T-bar.exe controller software
  • Manual and Tool kit

Additional SuperTrack available at $25/ft.  Additional Software seats available at $995/seat.

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