PlotMaster Software Suite License

Carlson Design Plotter/Cutters are 100% software controlled with our proprietary controller software Plotmaster. Plotmaster is regularly improved an updated to accommodate the latest hardware and software changes in cutting technology. Plotmaster/Control software is used to import plot files from other sources and control your plotter/cutter during plotting and cutting sessions.

Older versions of plotmaster (before 2011) use your Windows PC and it’s printer port to control your plotter/cutter. The Plotmaster Software Suite includes pattern editing software and nesting software. Plotmaster is very easy to use and employs simple and intuitive controls.




Build a Plotter

Plotmaster Features:


  • Intuitive controls
    Adjust plot/cut speed and acceleration on the fly
  • Real time progress display
  • Imports standard file formats including: HPGL, DXF, GBR, OptiTex, and most sailmaking formats
  • Supported and updated via the internet

PEDIT allows file optimization and manipulation:

  • Scale, rotate, and flip objects
  • Select, delete, and edit plot/cut lines
  • Set over-cut compensation
  • Simple pattern development with custom pattern programs

QuickNest saves material and accelerates plot/cut efficiency with optimized table layouts:

  • Manually alter pattern orientation for “best fit”
  • Maximize cut layouts with virtual tables
  • Minimize material waste with “Efficiency Display”
  • Simple and easy to use


Plotmaster is $3000 USD – non transferable, single user
license. Standard with New System.  Free
Updates available with license.

PM32 includes new 32 bit executables for PEdit and Quiknest. PM32 is compatible with Windows 95/98. Requires minimum Pentium 266 PC and operates cutters with one or two dedicated printer ports, provided suitable, custom cabling from Carlson Design. The PM32 Word user manual is included in initial distribution zip.

PMXP runs under Windows 98, ME, XP 32 bit and Vista, and requires a 266 or faster Pentium processor.
Using a laptop computer is not recommended. For best performance use a Dual Core 2GHz+ processor with a legacy addressed LPT port or have Carlson Design preload and test your computer!

The following is a list of many of the formats we support:
*.UC, HPGL, DXF, Rhino 3D, OptiTex, GBR, SMSW, PPilot, SailPak, SailCut, SailMaker, UK, Crain, Shore, SobStad Yarn Files, SMAR Azure

Plotmaster USB will import *DXF files from most CAD programs.  Some DXF formats may not be support by Plotmaster PMXP and PM32.

Plotmaster Software Suite Tips:

  • Using a dedicated Plotter Computer can speed up plot/cut times.
  • Optimize parts before plotting/cutting to get the most efficient plot path.
  • Experiment with different speed settings for different materials.
  • Save jobs in folders by their order # -- this makes recuts, and recovers quick and easy to find.
  • When you find your optimal settings - take a screen shot. This is ideal in a multiple user or material setting.
  • Use the odometer’s in PMXP to track blade life – this lets you know when to use a fresh blade, before you start a big job.