Phillocraft Vacuum Tables

We offer high-quality Phillocraft Grip-Tex and National vacuum tables for your plotter/cutter, standards in the sewn goods industries. Includes heavy-gage steel framework, composite tops with internal air channels, and heavy-duty powerful suction blowers – everything you need except a cutting surface. (220/440 volt 3-phase standard; 1-phase and 110 VAC available for some applications.) We can provide plans & components to build your own table. Vacuum Tables $35/sqft.

Track included for 24′ long table.  Additional track available @ $50/ table ft.

Build a Plotter

The average setup time is 2-3 hours depending on table size (not including leveling).

Tools Required:

  • ½” Socket Wrench
  • ½” End Wrench
  • ¾” Socket Wrench
  • ¾” End Wrench

    Additional Recommend


  • Saw Horse(s)
  • Hydrolic Jack
  • 3’-6’ Level
    Laser Level
  • Rubber Mallet

Production Tables available in 4' long endless frame sections and in 6" increments (EG 72", 78", 84" etc...). Table width determined by Plotter/Cutter width. Vacuum Table's are $35/sqft.

1 blower included to match application. See table accessory-blowers for pricing for additional vacuum blowers.

Cutting Surface provided with onsite commissioning, otherwise sold separately.

Average Table Legth: 24' long.

Quick Assembly Tips:

  • Layout all the parts before assembling.
  • Position your table before assembly, it is difficult to move after-the-fact.
  • Use a saw horse to hold up unsupported table braces while you attach the legs.
  • Assemble all table braces before attaching supports. Finger tighten. Insert table tops and square frame so the edge of all tops are flush along both sides. Now tighten.
  • Level table before installing track. Find the high point and raise the rest of the table to match