Nestfab and Nestfab Ultra-Performance

NestFab and Nestfab Ultra-Performance provide a world-class automatic nesting engine with an intuitive easy to use interface. NestFab automatically lays out parts quickly, efficiently, using sheets and criteria you specify.

The excellent import wizard finds nestable parts within your CAD drawings and can even extract multiple parts drawn within a single cad file. Comprehensive help documentation along with dedicated customer support means you’ll be up and running in minutes not days!  It is easy to adjust part quantity and nesting “rules”, like rotation angle, flipping, and part spacing.  You can also quickly change material width and bed length.

Nestfab Ultra-Performance is the result of years of work to improve one of the worlds best nesting engines.  Nestfab UP nests intelligently and up to 15% more efficiently than the regular nestfab.  Nestfab UP is available for purchase or as a yearly subscription.

Download your 7 day free trial to see the application in action today!  When you are ready to buy, you can purchase through our store and we will send you activation code.




“Just completed cutting out an all radial sail close to 40 panels / 3 tables full.  Interesting it nested really well in NestFab, not sure I could have done any better and maybe NestFab gets a better outcome for the sail as it tends not to over rotate panels to squeeze into spots that you might try in a manual nest.  The whole experience was good right through all parts of the design and cutting out.” – Peter Green Sails, Seaford Australia 2013

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  • Enhanced automatic nesting capabilities
    • Nest at any angle
  • Imports the very latest DXF and DWG versions
  • Nest reports in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, RTF, XPS, Tiff)
  • Import wizard detects multiple parts in one cad drawing
    • Problem geometries clearly displayed in import wizard
    • Coming soon – Import by Color or Layer
  • Slick, easy to use interface
    • Familiar Ribbon UI used in MS Office
    • Get up and running in moments
  • Improved export functionality with enhanced options
    • Export as polylines, block, add text labels all to your desired DXF version
  • In addition,  Ultra-Performance obtains the world’s best nesting efficiencies
    • It increases material efficiency by +5-10% compared to our standard nesting mode
    • Much faster to find solutions compared to standard nesting
    • It allows you to nest at 0mm spacing which opens up the possibility of common-line cuts (I don’t know if PMU supports common-cuts or not – omit this if it doesn’t)
    • UP is smart and will choose the best combination of sheet or roll sizes to get best material efficiency (“What-If” scenarios to determine optimum roll or sheet sizes).
    • Try the comparison feature to see your savings compared to standard nesting.
    • Available to buy or rent.  We are confident the majority of users (even low volume users) will save using the UP Nesting option.

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