Carlson Design plotter/cutters

Simplicity. Precision. Performance.

Carlson Design is the world’s leading provider of reliable and affordable large-bed plotter/cutters. Since 1987 Carlson Design has been widely imitated, yet unmatched in price, simplicity, and precision performance.  Our time-saving systems have been sold in over 40 countries and are used to optimally plot and cut a wide variety of rolled and sheet material.



    Starting @ $17,995.00

    Ideal for design-cut-sew operations, prototyping, and light production runs. Light, accurate, and fast....


    Starting @ $24,995.00

    "The original sail cutter" ,  the classic has defined the plotter/cutter industry for over two decades....


    Starting @ $29,995.00

    The Pro is our most popular model. It is versatile and robust - designed to work in a 24/7 production environment....


    Starting @ $39,995.00

    The WT is specially engineered with a stiffer frame and larger motors to handle the loads associated with cutting wide fabric...

  • Alpha A-Frame Plotter

    Starting @ $8,995.00

    The Alpha is designed to mount on any level surface -- table top or floor -- for fast, accurate plotting.  It is ideal for s...


  • Decorator Industries

    The Carlson Design Ultra-Sonic Cutting Head is world’s simplest sealed-edge cutting solution when speed and accuracy are essential. We ensure a standardized and easily supported ... (click for full story)

  • JPC Elkhart

    We saved days, not hours on our first cuts with the Plotter/Cutter. And while Greg was right, it did take him a little time to cut his first boat cover, it didn’t take THAT much ... (click for full story)

  • Lakeside Marine Canvas

    Their Carlson Design Plotter/Cutter and Laser Digitizing system will make every job simpler, more accurate, cleaner, made with fewer people, in less time, and with less material.... (click for full story)

  • Cushion Cafe

    To maintain their quality guarantee they heat seal all of their acrylic and upholstery fabrics with a hot knife. By hand, this process is tedious, time intensive, and takes a skill... (click for full story)

  • Hidden Bay Graphics

    In February 2015 we installed our PT-72″ Plotter/Cutter and T-Bar Digitizer to help them automate their patterning, marking, and cutting. Vice President, Dan Rusch, said “a sum... (click for full story)

  • Strong Enterprises

    Strong Enterprises, located in Orlando, Florida, was founded in the 1960s by Ted Strong — the man who penned their motto, “a parachute company with an imagination”. There are... (click for full story)

  • Oshkosh Tent & Awning

    Founded in 1876, Oshkosh Tent and Awning has been around only 100 fewer years than the United States.  A lot has changed at OTA over the last 138 years, but not their commitment t... (click for full story)

  • MaxAir Trampoline

    MaxAir Trampolines‘ New Year’s resolution is, “No more hand cutting!”.  In January 2015 we installed our WT-174″ Plotter/Cutter at their manufacturing facility in Grand ... (click for full story)

  • TLC Kanvas

    TLC Kanvas chose the Carlson Design PT-108″ Plotter/Cutter on a home built 40′ long table. This system will help them more accurately cut wider material, decrease plot/cut tim... (click for full story)

  • Ulster PVC

    Ulster PVC automated their curtain wall and PVC cover cutting with a Carlson Design WT-172″ Plotter/Cutter on a 58′ long table. Automating saves time... (click for full story)


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